Shushi Armenian Dance Ensemble- Los Angeles Performance

On April 10th, the Shushi Dance Ensemble gave an unforgettable performance to a SOLD OUT crowd in Los Angeles, California titled Remember 1915 & Rise.
Now this group has traveled all the way from New Jersey to California for this performance and this is a really big one given the chaos in Armenia with the Nagorno-Kharabak conflict, and also the month of the Armenian Genocide.


Shushi’s artistic director and choreographer, Seta Paskalian Kantardjian, along with Musical Director, Andranik Mouradian included a variation of dancers and singers in the performance to deliver a spectacular show.

The Shushi Dance Ensemble will be honoring Ara Gevorgyan tonight and will include many vocalists from New York, Los Angeles, and Armenia.


( Vocalists included Andre Hovnanyan, Leyla Saribekyan, Hasmik Mekanejian, Anahit Zakaryan, Armen Hovhannisyan, Salbi Mailyan & Ruben Telunts. )


This performance shows the unity of the Armenian people from all over the world and of all ages, and represents the strong connection they feel to their roots.


Caroline Mishelle

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