SCI-Arc Student Work + Current Exhibition “Close-Up”

I had the chance to attend a lecture at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), in which Mark Julius Garcia, Hernan Diaz Alsonso, and David Ruy discussed the current exhibition at SCI-Arc, “Close Up” in detail.

Before the lecture, I had a chance to roam around the halls of the school to see some interesting 4th and 5th year student presentations. This video showcases some of my favorite projects that I saw that night (not the exhibition).

I want to state that I am an outsider to architectural studies, and I see these projects from an outsider’s perspective. However, I am always looking for opportunities to learn about different practices, which is why I was willing to give this a try.




Here is the link to the lecture:…

Music Credit:

Caroline Mishelle

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