London: Week 1

It has been a full week now that I am in London and it reminds me a lot of New York City, only slightly calmer… and cleaner! Of course I am freezing my tush off, but doesn’t that always happen to girls who are spoiled from California’s beautiful weather?

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NYU London is located in the Central London, specifically in the city of Bloomsbury, which is in the borough of Camden. I am slowly starting to familiarize myself with the local area, but I predict I’m bound to get lost at least once a day. My first week consisted of mainly orientation and welcome week events. This included a trip to Camden Market, which is the center of youth culture and a place for aspiring fashion designers to showcase their wares. This weekend market is the place to go to pick-up strange gifts, souvenirs, discounted clothing, and some delicious street food.

Another one of these NYU events was a sightseeing tour of London. This tour was unexpected since we went to London’s most magical sites, including St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, and the Houses of Parliament. We only got off the tour bus for some of the sights, because it was rainy and cold. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera to take some beautiful shots, but I did manage to snag a couple. Plus, this is definitely not the last time I will be making a trip there.

Let not forget the REAL reason I am here, school. Classes started this week and so far they all seem very interesting. I will be going to weekly theatre, ballet, opera shows on London’s West End for my course “Reporting the Arts” so look out for reviews on that every week. As for politics, what better place to study British politics than in Britain itself? Also, it’s time I really understood the past, present, and highly-unpredictable future of the countries near and in the Middle East.

As for this weekend I will be making a trip to Oxford, so look out for a post on that and many more! For now, enjoy the pictures of the week!

Caroline Mishelle

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