Exploring Bloomsbury

So today I had the day off from class and decided to explore around my area a bit and also explore the different features of my camera. For my first time using it, I’m satisfied with the pictures. Here are some of the shots in the city of Bloomsbury, including the St. Pancras Renaissance, and a brief background of the St George’s Gardens.

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Near my dorm there is a park I usually take to get to class and I read today that this park was actually a burial ground established in 1713. St George’s Gardens was one of the very first burial grounds to be built away from a church. Many families were hesitant to have their loved ones buried so far from town back in that day, until Robert Nelson, an influential churchman, said that he wished to be buried there. By the early 1800s the burial ground was in a bad condition and closed in 1855 due to overcrowding. However, it opened 30 years later as a public garden, and an open sitting area for the poor. After having this knowledge, I could feel the ghostly atmosphere within this peaceful park in the middle of London. Nonetheless, I’ll still continue to take a nice stroll through it…well, maybe.

Caroline Mishelle

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