Salute To Vienna


Salute to Vienna’s New Years Concert was a delightful start to 2015. I listened to beautiful music and brilliant performances of song and dance of the Viennese culture at the legendary Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, California.

The most talented artists from all over the world were selected to be a part of Salute to Vienna, including Europe’s finest sopranos, tenors, baritones, and dancers.

The performance I attended featured the Strauss Symphony of America, with conductor Niels Muus from Vienna. Most of the music the symphony played was music by Johann Strauss II including The Blue Danube Waltz, which concluded the show.

Johann Strauss II. was a legendary Austrian composer in the 19th century and has composed over 400 waltzes, polkas, quadrilles, and other types of light music, including operettas and dance music. He was known as “The Waltz King” for the popularity of the waltz in Vienna.

Lilla Galambos, soprano from Vienna, performed Strauss’ “Mein Herr Marquis,” from Die Fledermaus, which is known as the “Adele’s Laughing Song,” usually performed during the holiday season because of its lively chorus and playful character.

Baritone Thomas Weinhappel from Vienna gave an exquisite performance of Franz Lehár’s “Da geh’ inch zu Maxim” from The Merry Widow.

One of my favorite ballet performances by the Europaballett St. Pölten from Austria was of Strauss’ “Tritsch-Tratsch” Polka which in interpreted as “chit-chat” referring to the Viennese passion for gossip (as stated by our conductor before the performance).

The concert hall was filled with one beautiful piece following another, with tremendous performances all around. I highly recommend Salute to Vienna to anyone who is interested in great music by some of the world’s legendary composers, along with talented singers and dancers performing both cheerful and serene pieces.

Caroline Mishelle

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